Q – Who comes with me?

A – Your chosen birthing partner!

Q – What about kids? Can my other kids come to class?

A – This class is designed for the birthing person and their birthing partner. To preserve an intimate and distraction-free class environment we cannot accommodate children.

Q– There are two classes/series that might be good options for me. Which class/series would be best?

A– If you are choosing between a longer series or a shorter series, we have found that birth satisfaction and amount of education are directly related—they increase together.

If you’re choosing between taking class a little early or a little late, early tends to be better. The end of pregnancy tends to be quite full of activities, nesting, and appointments.

Q – We have unusual work schedules. What are my options for making up missed classes?

A– The best option is to attend the same class in another series. There are usually four or five sections running between the two locations on different days of the week and various times.

Some of the classes have online makeup classes via Birth Boot Camp. Birth Boot Camp series include one free online class. The class is available for two weeks, after which there is a $25 reactivation fee. Additional online makeup classes are $35 apiece.

Q– How do I pay for class?

A– For clients in care at either location of Origins the class is added to your invoice. If you are not receiving care at Origins contact Jillian directly at thebestbirthclass@gmail.com.

To Register For Class

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