Class Syllabus

Class 1, Welcome to the Neighborhood – Meet “the neighbors” (AKA: your due date buddies) and plan for your postpartum recovery by learning what each individual in your family unit *really* needs. 

Class 2, Labor GPS – You will learn the landmarks of labor, so you always know where you are and what is left on your journey.

Class 3, Loving Labor – This class focuses on finding solutions for the challenges presented in labor. This proactive planning allows you to really enjoy your labor experience.

Class 4, Labor Rehearsal – We are joined by a doula (or team of doulas) in the birth suites to practice labor positions and learn how they can enhance our labor, give us respite, or help reposition the baby.

Class 5, Push It Real Good – Your most pressing birth questions are answered at this class. eg, Am I going to poop? How do I prevent/minimize tearing? 

Class 6, That Wasn’t in the Plan – This class prepares you for a variety of birth outcomes and gives you tools to feel confident making decisions as your birth unfolds.

Class 7, The Baby is Here, Now What? – Newborn 101, breastfeeding, and survival tactics for parents.

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