The Instructor

My name is Jillian Blakeman. After the birth of our first son in 2013 I knew I had to help usher families into parenthood. Midwifery care changed my life, and I knew I had to help other people experience it. I had previously spent six years making biology and physics every teenager’s favorite class, and was confident I could do the same with childbirth education. When I’m not teaching birth classes you can find me herding chickens (and a turkey), riding bikes with my frat, or learning to use power tools.

“Thank God for Jillian, her awesome sense of humor and the content of this class. I don’t want to imagine what our labor would have been like had we not had this class! I was told Jillian’s class was the best… I can now say, ‘It’s true – she is beyond entertaining! Her passion for educating, learning & birth was so inspiring to us! I truly missed going to class after it was over.” -Carly W, Client

“A component of our unmedicated birth rate is this class.” -Kaitlyn Wages, CPM, LM Co-Founder of Origins Birth and Wellness

“When I see a family in labor, I can always tell if they took your class.” – Amanda Gipson, Executive Director Origins Birth and Wellness

“The difference between couples who take this class and those who don’t is HUGE.” – Beth Dickerson, Labor Doula